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 Alan Mansfield ( O'Neil ) 
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I am very excited to see this website and gratefully acknowledge a huge personal debt of gratitude to David Wood. Not a day goes by that I don't recall some way that he impacted my life. As my step-father was active in the unit, I used his last name (Mansfield) as a Sea Scout. I'd very much like to be able to let Dave know what has happened in my life as a result of his leadership.

I am married with two daughters and two grandsons. My step-father died a few years ago though my mother is still active and will soon be appearing in a production of " My Fair Lady " in the Orlando area. I moved to North Carolina six years ago to work for SAS Institute in Cary. I am a year into serving as an Asst. Scoutmaster for Troop 244, serve as Advancement Coordinator, and spent a week at Scout camp last summer with the Scouts.

What might surprise him most of all, I will be ordained next month as a Deacon in my church, Peace Presbyterian (PCA).

Thanks so much for providing this connection to one of the most important elements of my past,

Alan O' Neil




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