Miami Sea Scout Ships 537 and 520

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by D. Wood


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 Brian Bees 
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( DAVE to PAUL ) Brian made contact with me and I forwarded many seascout photos to him inThailand....

Smokemont reminded me of the night some of the older scouts stuck a rubber hose under a tent of younger scouts and made a bear growling sound. I remember to this day the screams and panic that ensued. When the dust settled,
all the cots had been destroyed and the interior was in shambles. As I remember, this prank was followed by a good laugh by all.

What a string of good memories, the meetings, the night cruises on the Gamecock and Stranger, work sessions, Sebring, Smokemont Trip, Bimini, Dry Tortugas, camping trips, award ceremonies, and I could keep typing the list until my fingertips were numb.

Great fun, great adventures, learning seamanship and camping skills, character building, it became an important part of our lives, boys and adults alike.

Several years ago, I received a cell phone call from a former scout who was standing at Smokemont Campground in the dead of winter, and asked me to confirm some landmarks so he would know if he was standing in the exact spot where we camped. Peter Andersen, remembering good times he had as a kid in Sea Scout Ship 520/Boy Scout Troop 520.

You recently forwarded an e-mail: Grant's Desire
To Reconnect With Seascout Friends. What compliments to the program!

Regards to all.
Take care,
Brian Bees




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