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 Buster Godbee 
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I was a member of the Sea Scouts that met at the Elk's Club. Although I participated for only short while I have found memories, especially of Sebring. I am pretty sure, the year I went it was a 24 endurance race with a "Le Mans" start. I can remember the Maserati "Bird Cage" with Sterling Moss and even the Super Nash Ramblers.

Oddly enough two days ago I was mentioning my scouting experience to my wife. Then today one of my grown daughters called and said " I didn't know you were a Sea Scout! ".

While surfing the net she typed in my name and up came Sea Scouts. The rest is history. In the Sebring Photo I am the one with the big ears and goofy look, middle row, about 4th from the right.

Today I am a retired USAF Lt. Col. and pilot.

I just remembered the guy who got me into Scouting, Glen Burrough. If you have any info on him I would love to contact him and say thanks.

Thanks for web site.

Henry H. "Buster" Godbee





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