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  Dan Hogg  
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Much Water Under the Bridge

Hi, I stumbled on the website yesterday and reading the comments brought back memories nearly forgotten.

I'm Dan Hogg and I was a member of SSS-520 between 1964-1967. I was chaplain for a couple of years and received the quartermaster award.

I headed off to college after Sea Scouts and graduated with a BA in philosophy. Married Wendie, my first love. Waited for job offers to pay me to think. Kept waiting. And waiting. It dawned on me after a few years that no one wanted to pay me to think, so I got an MBA.

I worked for Outboard Marine for 7 years then accepted a job offer in Dayton, OH. The company is now known as LexisNexis. We are a leader in the legal online service industry and a global multibillion dollar company. I manage the fabrication service for LN - the process of getting data online so customers can search it. LN more or less invented the online service back when we were waiting for the Coast Guard to come rescue us from Dry Tortugas.

About a year ago, I was diagnosed with early stage colon cancer. The surgery was successful but the subsequent infection nearly killed me. There isn't much to do while lying on a hospital bed except think. (A perennial problem for me, apparently.) I concluded I was not satisfied with my achievements in life thus far and decided to take action.

After 33 years of being divorced and married to other people, Wendie and I will re-marry soon. After years of finding excuses not to go to law school, I determined I couldn't let more time pass without following through, so in September, I'll start law school - along with Wendie who graduated magna cum laude last May from FIU.

My mom, Virginia Vernier (formerly Pinney) is 90 and living
independently in a nursing home near Dayton. She was pleased to hear my update after reading the website. I have a 23 year old son.

Best regards to everyone. I'd love to hear from you.





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