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  Dave McConnell  
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My name is Dave McConnell.

I would like my name to be listed on the website.

It's great to be able to reestablish contact with some of the people from my youth. My exposure to the Sea Scouts was a high point in my younger days. It taught me a lot about the sea as well as lessons of life that have I've carried with me through my adulthood. Thanks for your time .

I was in SSS 520 from '64 thru '66. Some of my fondest memories are during my years with the Sea Scouts.

I went on to pull a hitch in the Navy as a UDT Diver. My first underwater experience was in the keys with the dive rig we had on board our Sea Scout vessel. I've still got the ballast stone I pulled up from a Spanish wreck during the underwater excursion. I've been diving ever since that time in the keys.

I've gone on to own Limbwalker Tree Care, a tree care company and become an "ISA Certified Arborist". Climbing trees and diving the seas are two of my favorite things.

I've been married three times, but Valentina (my current wife) is the love I searched for all my life. Between us we have 8 children and 9 grandchildren.

About 5 years ago I developed throat cancer, but was able to beat it with radiation and chemo. The time with that disease gave me a new appreciation for life. I live everyday to the fullest and enjoy every minute.

I now reside in Alachua, Florida and I would love to hear from anyone who may remember our days together during those years. I hope the years have treated you as well as they have treated me.

Dave ...




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