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  Elaine Thickman  
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  How does one briefly describe a life that has spanned more than four-fifths of a century?

Firstly--I am happy to report that my 2 sons grew up (whether due to me or in spite of me) into fine men, good husbands and fathers. I am now a grandmother of 5, grandmother-in-law of 3 and great-grandmother of 3. Egad, I must be OLD. How did THAT happen??

I retired from my full-time job at 67, went back to work part-time for another 4 years. After Hurricane Andrew destroyed my home in Naranja, I retired permanently and moved up here to Plantation.

I keep active in various endeavors--among other things I am the Treasurer and a member of the Board of Directors of the Senior Club of Plantation, a group of well over 300 members, of whom between 150-160 attend our monthly meetings. Anywhere from 80 to 100 members go on our monthly day trips, weekend outings and our once-a-season 7-day cruise. It's an enjoyable group of active, involved senior citz. I am also an active member of the Red Hat Hannahs, a branch of the Red Hat Society. I love traveling and have done quite a bit of it (although not as much as I would have liked to)--probably the most interesting of my trips was a month-long tour of China. Of late I have been restricting my traveling itches to cruising and enjoying the total pampering that the Celebrity Line ships provide. Oh--and I have recently been elected National President of the SKI Club*.

About 4 years ago I decided to move up out of the Stone Age and become computer literate. Seeing a computer advertised in the Sunday paper, I went out and bought it. I didn't even know where the "On" switch was but by the trial and error method I've become somewhat adept and trying to get 'adepter'.

At the urging of my #1 grandson I have been busy for the past year and a half compiling a Family Tree, doing most of my research on the computer either at home, at the local libraries or at the Family History Center at a nearby Mormon Church. I now have 8 generations of 5 families on the Tree, including photographs that are over 110 years old and documents (or copies thereof) that are about 100 years old. It is an arduous, time-consuming, addictive, sometimes very frustrating "hobby" but I must admit, an enjoyable one.

I also love going to the theater (mostly the friendly local repertory companies) and to concerts, lectures, operas and the book reviews at our libraries. I'm an avid reader and 'cruciverbalist'. And I still drive!

During my years on this planet so many wonderful people have entered my life and enriched it. I have had many devoted, caring friends and I am very grateful for the gift of their amity. Some of them are no longer with me; I shall never stop missing them but my memory of them remains sharp and clear.

All in all, life has been good to me; I am content with where I am at now and I am at peace with the person I have become.

Nuff said. Ma T.
*SKI---Spending the Kids Inheritance




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