Miami Sea Scout Ships 537 and 520

How it all began
by D. Wood


Memories of
S.S.S. 537


Dan Hogg

Rick McClure

Nancy Morris



















 Grant Thorpe 
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Thanks Dave.

Great memories. I would like to reconnect with some old sea scout shipmates, Mike Manfredi lives 6 miles away and I need to get Mark/him/me together to chew the fat and tell old sea stories. I would also like to contact Stu Thickman (we got our Quartermaster Sea Explorer the same day), Bill Curwood, and Wirt Maxey, who were of the same SSS 520 vintage. God bless.



Wish I could have given you a personal tour when I was Supply Officer of the Mighty Mo during Desert Storm, what a time we would have had as we climbed through all six levels of the 16" gun turret and compared with the mount on the bow of the Coast Guard cutter that took us to the Dry Tortugas the first time and we got stuck there because of a hurricane. I do feel proud that both Garth and my son Sean did meet us in Hawaii at the end of the war cruise and rode the ship back the final week to our homeport in Long Beach in 1991. Wish you could have been there too.

God bless. Grant




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