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 Garth Thorpe 
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( From Dave to Paul )

I really miss some of the others who have passed away such as Don Bennett, Jon and Chris Newby, Frank Fitch and Bart Garey. But there are still many guys around somewhere to talk with and remember those days of many years ago.

The last time I saw the Thorpes together was at the funeral of their wonderful Mother in Tavernier Presbyterian Church many years ago. The Church was a short distance from their home they let us use many times as a Seascout operating base......

The three Thorpe brothers Grant, Mark and Garth are planning a trip to Miami sometime in the future. If you remember them and would like to have dinner with us, let me know and I'll call you if and when the meeting takes place.

I have no idea when they can schedule a trip. They said that they were going to and would let me know asap. I'll let you know when they can set a time and we can share a good time together......

PS: Maybe we could also get word to Rick Hartwell if and when the Thorpes let us know of their schedule....




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