Miami Sea Scout Ships 537 and 520

How it all began
by D. Wood


Memories of
S.S.S. 537


Dan Hogg

Rick McClure

Nancy Morris



















 Howard Hayden 
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I'm on the list for Troop 537, as is my brother Roger who lives in Houston as do I. I am in contact with Ray Jeroslaw, who still lives in Miami and Jim Stauback (Tampa-St.Pete) who are also on the list.

I was stationed at the Boca Chica Navel Air Station in 1964/1965.

( Security at the Sebring Grand Prix ) I was at this as well. I see a couple of people who could be me. I recognize John Self I think. I was on that joy ride.

(At Sea on the Coast Guard Cutter Androscoggin)
Can't see myself in that photo though. Some of the faces look familiar. They all look so young.





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