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 A Memorial to Jim Groves 
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( Dave to Alan and Paul ) I think the pictures are wonderful however, the one showing Jim Groves (deceased) kinda bothers me. He like so many of the our clan still means much to me in my memories and I would appreciate it if we could pass on including that one pix....Its really up to you guys what goes onto the site
because it is your site and I love it. GOD Bless......DAVE

( Paul to Dave ) By all means if it bothers you so much... I will not put it in the album..however there are not many pictures of Jim that reflect him so well. The picture is exactly the Jim that I remember.. Perhaps I can do I memorial page for him. I am aware of Jim's passing but don't know any details........PAUL

( Dave to Paul ) Good idea Paul.....I talked Jim out of his job as boss of a hamburger stand in favor of working as a rod man with Schuler Surveying (a friend I had known for many years). Jim did such a great job Hal moved him up to crew leader where he was important and gained much experience.

He became an excellent assistant project manager and with other experience he gained working in a hardware store as a kid and as a Sea Scout leader and Eagle Quartermaster and Skipper, it became easy to get him a job with MKSAC in Africa and Saudi Arabia.

He was severely injured in Africa w/broken leg and spent many years at Doctors Hospital in Coral Gables recuperating....We (our overseas friends) used to meet in Saudi Arabia on certain Fridays (that we could get away) and have a lunch buffet at one of Saudi's huge hotels in Dhahran ($15 USD). We had fun talking about South Fla and Sea Scouts - Dolphins - Cowboys - Pres Reagan etc.

His last Job was closing a project in Egypt where he was the PM for a big Multinational Company. He became ill - went to Cairo for medical attention - became so ill that the he was flown to
Switzerland for medical attention because Cairo's Hospitals were not able to provide him the care he needed - he died enroute in the medevac jet. We were to meet in Miami in the next 3 weeks - he never made it.

I have the last letters he wrote - sent copies to his Mother - Mrs. Groves. We've been close to his Mother ever since - My nephews Hugh and Hayes were his Mother's attorneys and helped Mrs. Groves.....She gave me many of Jim's Sea Scout and travel photos etc...... Thanks for your idea of a memorial to Jim. He was a wonderful Christian - Scout - Friend and Professional. We miss him.

He would have been a good hamburger shop manager and probably safer in the states. But Jim wasn't cut out for sitting at home on his butt flipping burgers when he could accomplish the things the good LORD provided him. He visited the world - did a good job for his bosses and workers under him - loved his family and friends - and is now home with our LORD where we always talked about wherever we were. We really had lots of fun too no matter where we were..... GOD Bless




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