Miami Sea Scout Ships 537 and 520

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 Jim Kononoff 
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 I'll post a resume below as possibly the best way to bring everybody up to date on me.

Education: B.A. in Criminal Justice from the University of Alabama 1980. Minors in Psychology and History Completed 1.5 years of a three year curriculum from Nova Law School (44 hours) in 1988.

Experience: 2001 Social Studies Teacher of the Year at North Miami Senior High. In the system since 1990, I have ten years at the senior high level and the rest at the middle school level. I have successfully Instructed all required "core" courses and the following electives: Global Studies, Law Studies, Psychology, Sociology and the History of the Vietnam War. I have Instructed all skill levels except AP/IB. Social Science (6-12) certificate renewed in 2002. Up for renewal in 2007.

Schools: Miami Jackson Senior High JAN 2005- North Miami Senior (1997 to present)

McMillan Middle school 1993-97; WR Thomas Middle 1992-93 (surplus due to Hurricane Andrew);




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