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 Jim Saunders 
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To Skipper Dave Wood,

Thank you for all the years you served as Skipper. Looking back, you were more than just a Scout leader; you were a spiritual leader, a missionary to the kids and adults in our area, who did not even know we were being ministered to. I realized after my own sons started growing up how God used you to profoundly influence my life. Young men and women need Godly adults in their lives (in addition to their parents) to act as role models.

I thank God that he sent His Son to conquer sin and save us by His grace. I thank Him that He has given my wife and me the opportunity to serve Him. And I thank Him for placing Dave Wood in the right time and place to positively influence many so young people, including me and my family.

Often we do not or cannot see the results of our real life\'s work in our lifetime. We see the end of the day\'s work, the finished paper, project, budget or building. But that is not our real work. Our real work is what we accomplish for God and His kingdom. Dave Wood and the other leaders of Ships 520 and 537 may not have seen immediate results of their efforts, but the long term effects are very obvious to me. My grandfather once said that you cannot judge a person\'s Godly influence until you have seen how it appears in their children and grandchildren. Dave, you have lots of children and grandchildren out there..

My wife, Shirley, is studying for her Master of Divinity and has been Director of Christian Education at our church for 15 years. I have served as Deacon, Elder, Chair of the Missions Committee at our church. Shirley and I have been Youth Group co-directors for 15 years. We both teach Sunday School.

Influenced by the unforgettable experiences in had in Sea Scout Ship 520, I have served as an Assistant Scoutmaster for 7 years, Skipper of Sea Scout Ship 801 and Sea Scout Training Foundation since they were chartered 1999. Both of our sons are Eagle Scouts, now studying at University of Florida. Both are strong Christians, involved with a local church and Reformed University Fellowship.

I thank God that he sent His Son to conquer sin and save us by His grace. I thank Him that he gave you a beautiful family.

Stay in touch.
In Christ,
Jim Saunders.

P.S. Skipper, the last time I saw you, I was boarding a jet in Nassau, returning from my honeymoon with my bride, March 1979.




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