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  Nat Ory  
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I was a second class cook under Frank Brundage. I've raised my kids on stories about how to be a food safe cook because of Frank's training back in those days. I talked to them about how we had to memorize the precise location in the galley cupboards of the spices so that any other cook would find these exactly where they belonged.

I remember well Sebring in 1961 and holding the ropes at the starting of the race. We had pictures of us with Steve McQueen who was racing that year. I was the smallest in the troop and was detailed to be an "escort" for Miss Florida in her air conditioned trailer. Some sweet assignment for a 14 year old.

Dave Horn was my grade 10 algebra and drafting teacher and inducted me into the troop. Very fond memories. Quite a fun find on the internet. Please put me on your list.

I've been living in Canada since getting married in 1972. I work as a psychologist with people diagnosed with mental handicaps, autism, fetal alcohol and mental health disorders.

My sea scout experience was formative and important.

Nathan Ory




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