Miami Sea Scout Ships 537 and 520

How it all began
by D. Wood


Memories of
S.S.S. 537


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Rick McClure

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  Rick Crump  
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One year at Univ of Miami in accounting that wasn't my calling.

I moved to New York, my birth state, and got hired on by the Bank of NY as a stock liquidation clerk.
That lasted 6 months while I was trying to establish residency to get into City College,
but then I started getting draft notices.
I went back to Miami to reattend UM but the draft followed me, so I went down and enlisted in the Army instead.

I spent 8 years and a month, luckily being picked up from Basic Training to attend Engineer OCS.
I later became a dual rated aviator and spent two tours in VietNam flying CH-47 Chinooks,
two tours in Germany; the first flying fixed wing DeHavilland Beaver, Hueys, and
old Chocktaws as an Army Airfield Commander of a 2,000 foot grass strip with a small detachment of troops;
the 2nd tour as an Engineer Battalion S-1 Adjutant (non-flying -- did not like).

Reduction in Force was a welcome separation as an Engineer Captain and
3 months later I was hired by the FAA as an Air Traffic Controller.
I worked a little over 7 years as Radar Air Traffic Controller at Miami Center and
then transferred to Seattle Center for 5 months before the PATCO strike of '81 hit.

I went back to flying but not before doing a few years in Insurance Sales.
After joining the Reserves and requalifying in the Chinook
I took a contract pilot job in Saudi Arabia with
Lockheed-Arabia for 3 and a half years flying the smaller tandem rotor helicopter,
the Marines CH-46 Sea Knight, on Civil Defense missions.

Back in the States, I joined Weyerhaeuser in Federal Way, WA.
I attended night school at Seattle City University and completed a BS in Computer Information Systems and
worked as Quality Assurance Analyst and IT Specialist.
I retired after 21 and a half years with Weyerhaeuser in November of 2009.

I married Rose in '72 (in Army dress blues). We have two boys,
Jeff - 36 living in Lewisville, TX, and Mike - 33 married with a 6 year old boy and
newborn baby girl, living near us, here in the beautiful NorthWest.




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