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 Ron Dansyear 
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In the process of logging onto Google & searching my family name of Dansyear I located this information about Sea Scout Ships 537 & 520
because my brother's name Ronny Dansyear is listed on the 1953, 54, 55, 56, & 57 rosters.

My brother - now known as Ron Dansyear, lives in Albany, OR where he has his own business as a Locksmith.

I was also affiliated with the Sea Scouts through my Girl Scout troop where I was a Mariner Girl Scout until graduation from Gables High in 1962.

I do not find any mention of the name of Chris Mathews whom I believe was in Scouts in the late 50's. I wouldn't have remembered that he was a scout except for a conversation we had at a old friends reunion two years ago when I asked Chris how I met him. He mentioned that he & mybrother were in Scouts together.

Good Luck with your's fun to reconnect. Are you active in Scouting now? I am currently on the Board of Directors of the Girl Scouts - Heart of Florida Council in central Florida. We serve almost 10,000 girls in a 7 county area ranging from Marion county to the north
down to Hardee county in the south. We are west of the Orlando metro area.

Pat Whitmer




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