Miami Sea Scout Ships 537 and 520

How it all began
by D. Wood


Memories of
S.S.S. 537


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  Rick McClure  
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I live in Tallahassee where I moved after graduating from Amherst College with a B.A. in bio in '67.

I went to FSU and got a B.S. and M.S. in geology. Geology was not hot yet in '70, so I taught school for nine years - physical science, earth science, physics, and chemistry.

I finally got married in '78 at age 33 after dating my wife, Nancy, a Florida Gator, for 7 years.

Then I received a law degree from Mercer in '83 and then Masters in Tax Law from University of Florida in '84. Then we moved back to Tallahassee where I was in private practice for a while and I'm currently with Florida Department of Revenue in Tallahassee.

I have two boys, 19 and 23. The younger one just graduated from HS and is working and going to college at Tallahassee Community College. The older son completed Marine OCS last summer and be commissioned and graduate from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University at the end of April '07 and will go the flight training at Pensacola after 6 months of Marine officer training at
Quantico, VA. Both sons are Eagle Scouts and we made trips to Philmont and the Northern Tier (canoeing in Canada).

I've been active in rowing, a sport I picked up in college and founded a masters rowing club here in Tallahassee and also a high school crew at my kids' high school. We've owned several shoal draft sailboats that we sailed in the Gulf.

I started flying about 35 years ago and spent most of my hours flying sailplanes. I became an FAA flight instructor and was actively flying until 7-8 years ago.

I was an Air Explorer advisor for five years and soloed
quite a few scouts, of which several are currently flying for airlines. I've been racing sports cars lately, mostly vintage cars from the late 50's-early 70's.

I still see Charlie Parsons (ATL) and Roger Hess (DC) from time to time, as well as Lyle Muller. We had a mini reunion two years ago Miami last year at Bob Trescott's house. All of us Charlie, Roger, Lyle, Bob, Karl & Serge Pond were Sea Scouts.

I ran across Andy Biro from Sea Scouts a few years ago here in Tallahassee. He owned a store called the Christmas Shoppe.

I'll see if I can pull together some pictures.

Rick McClure




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