Miami Sea Scout Ships 537 and 520

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by D. Wood


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This web site caught me completely by surprise as I never dreamt there was such a site. What a pleasant nostalgic surprise to find it and recall the memories of Sea Scouts.

My recollection of Sea Scout experiences have mostly faded but here is a little about my seagoing life after Sea Scouts that may be of interest. After graduation from Coral Gables High School I attended New York Maritime College where I graduated in 1968 with an unlimited Third Mate License and a Naval Reserve Commission. I spent six years in the Merchant Marine, mostly on tankers, where I advanced my licence to Master Mariner and sailed in all the officer ranks up to Chief Mate. Advancement was very rapid in those days when the Merchant Marine was at its peak number of ships. After going to sea I spent a few years in the marine surveying business. The following 25 years were spent in my principal profession, Harbor Pilot in Port Everglades, Florida, where I piloted over 14,800 ships. I did not do much pleasure boating during my working years because I spent all my work time on the water, but now that I am retired I sail a 22\' Cape Cod Cat boat on Narragansett Bay. My retirement business is building and restoring ship models for private collectors, antique dealers, but most importantly myself, a lifelong passion. I have also written a book in which Sea Scouts are mentioned. A few of my fondest memories from Sea Scouts were re-caulking the bottom of the Grebe at Jones Boat Yard the old fashioned way (oakum, mallet and iron), a trip to Key West N.A.S., and West Palm Beach and Miami Beach on the old Sea Scout. I am still in touch with my old friend Jim Drummond who I will be telling about this web site.




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