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 Richard Vandagriff 
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( Richard to Paul )

Wow I seem to have lost track of so many things.

Perhaps you remember me from FPL - We took several courses together and I worked in I&C as a spec and supervisor (at Putnam and Martin) and was the staff trainer (plant leader- out of Juno) for all spec classifications. I quit in 1998 and now work for SFWMD as a technician.

But as memory slips - of interest is that we were both in Mr. Berry's Explorer troop ( me just in 64 and 65 ). I had always had an idea that I knew you from somewhere, but could never place it. Ah, when we were young...

I read your bio. I also was in Viet-Nam but with the Army Rangers ( 196th Infantry, 3 of the 21st Infantry Long Range Reconnaisance Patrol ). I am a Miami native and live now in West Palm Beach.

I really enjoyed the site.

Stay well, Richard

(Paul to Richard )

I do remember you from work. I also recall having a similar feeling about knowing you from somewhere and we even tried to figure out where but could not make the connection. I am the webmaster for this website...

Paul Quillen provides the Domain Name and the server space. Dave Wood has been providing us with rosters. Recently Dave sent me a lot more names and were able to add them the the listing.

The website has caught the attention of quite a number of people who I suspect were searching for their own names.

Please contact any one that you may still be in contract with and tell them about the site.




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