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 Roger Wilkie 
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Sea Scouts and YMST

I was a member from boy scouts, YMST and sea explorer troupe 520 from 1965 to 1970. My brother Gregg is listed as a midshipsman in '67. He lives with his 2 children in Bradenton Florida and

I live in California. I was amazed when I found my name pop up during a google search and led me to this site. I can't wait to find out why anybody is looking for me. It would be wonderful to connect with old friends again.

I live in Orange County, California. Both parents are still alive and well and living in Port Charlotte, Florida and my brother is in Sarasota. 520 are some of my best memories. I still love sailing and have a 32' Morgan sailboat. I am self employed with my own Graphic Design firm in California.

I would love to hear what some of my shipmates are up to nowdays.

I am also active in AIDS organizations in California and I recently ran for City Council.

Roger Wilkie
Tustin California






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